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CO2NNECT 2018 brought together 120 people who play important leadership roles in their respective fields to explore together how carbon capture can become a national energy, jobs and emissions reduction solution.  Now, CO2NNECT 2019 will expand to a larger number of attendees and shift the conversation even further from learning to action.

CO2NNECT 2019 will once again bring together a broad cross-section of leaders from industry, finance, investment and procurement, NGOs, labor, states and the federal government, philanthropy, the media and other sectors. This year’s agenda will offer an engaging combination of main stage talks and interactive panel dialogues addressing key themes and priorities, including:

  • Deploying carbon capture technology over the next few years in priority industry sectors responsible for significant carbon emissions, while the federal 45Q tax credit remains in effect;

  • Integrating carbon capture into the broader national clean energy finance and procurement agenda;

  • Harnessing the 45Q tax credit and public and private sector leadership at the state and regional level to accelerate the buildout of carbon capture and CO2 pipeline infrastructure;

  • Developing a more sophisticated and effective communications strategy to increase understanding and support for carbon capture among policymakers, critical constituencies and the public; and

  • Advancing a robust, comprehensive policy agenda for the new Congress and states that builds on the passage of 45Q and puts carbon capture on a level playing field with other low and zero-carbon technologies.


CO2NNECT 2019 will be held at the famous Jackson Lake Lodge, a former Rockefeller family estate in Grand Teton National Park where the U.S. Federal Reserve holds its annual August retreat May 20-22, 2019. Attendance is by invitation only.

If you have any questions about CO2NNECT 2019 please contact Jess Jellings with Great Plains Institute at